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Ethically breeding dogs for over 50 years and 3 generations

Where the health of the parents and puppies comes first

Healthy Happy Dogs Matter

Contact your MP now

We ask all our supporters, and anyone passionate about animal welfare to contact your local MP and support our call amendments into the Government’s dog breeding proposal (learn more here).

We ask you to contact your local MP.

If you need help finding your local MP, the Victorian Electoral Commission can help point you in the right direction.

We want effective regulation that protects and improves animal welfare, not one which pushes an entire industry into the shadows. 

  • Samantha

    "I hope more people experience your passion for your dogs, your hospitality and first class breeding facilities."

    May 2015

  • Lindsay

    "The whole operation was professional in their level of care, cleanliness, and concern for the welfare of their dogs and puppies...Thanks Matt for your time and attention today, and for being the caring breeder who puts the welfare of your animals first, ensuring our new pet is ready for a long and healthy life with us."

    Aug 2015

  • Paul & Sue

    "We really enjoyed going around Banksia Park and appreciate the time spent with us... It was wonderful seeing them all including the new borns and understand how well they are all looked after."

    - Dec 2014

  • Fabrice and Stefanie

    We were very pleased with how well and healthy all your dogs were; the cleanliness and how dedicated you and your staff are to the dogs.

    - 2013

  • Fab and Steff

    It was great to see the dogs buzzing, tail wagging and happy. It surely was a well informative trip for us, and I would be more than happy to recommend Banksia Park to friends, families and others. 

    - 2013

  • Fab and Steff

    It is truly refreshing to find a knowledgeable and conscientious breeder.

    - 2013

  • Christine

    ...our little puppy is happy and gorgeous, and was so well socialised when we picked her up from you, thanks to your care and the beautiful mothering she had at Matt’s farm.

    - 2013

  • Christine

    ...the facilities for the dogs, and especially for the nursing mothers, could not have been more ethical.


  • Heidi

    This place is AMAZING and I wish them nothing but the best. I would strongly recommend supporting this family & their dogs to anyone and everyone.

    - Sep 2014

  • Heidi

    We had to get a special breed of dog for our Son that has chronic Lung disease and is on 24/7 oxygen & Banksia Park Puppies could not help us enough.

    - Sep 2014

  • Heidi

    ...their beautiful dogs that might I add are ALL treated like queens ( massive lawns, toys, heaters, employed people just too play with them, clean separate sleeping area’s for them and trust me the list went on)

    - Sep 2014

  • John

    Our family member Pistacio, Pug cross is a Bansia Park Pup. He is a lovable rouge and a valued member of this family. I have visited Banksia Park and would recommend this facility to all.

    - Sep 2014

  • John

    If you want a well loved and cared for puppy you can look no further than those bred, loved and cared for in such a modern facility as Banksia.

    - Sep 2014


Banksia Park Puppies has a fantastic rehoming program for all our mums and dads, which is supported by our socialisation program.

Vet Checked

All Banksia Park Puppies are fully vaccinated, wormed, flea treated, micro-chipped and come with a health guarantee.


We have staff who are employed solely to play with our puppies and ensure that they all receive daily attention and love.


We have regular meetings with the local council to ensure that we are always meeting the code of practice.

Pines Puppies

Pines Puppies only sell Banksia Park Puppies

We want to spend all our time and effort making sure our puppies, mums and dads are socialised, comfortable, happy and healthy. For this reason we have a retailer for our puppies –Pines PuppiesPines Puppies  only sell Banksia Park Puppies and are specialists in helping you pick the right dog for your lifestyle. All the staff at Pines Puppies have been to Banksia Park, and they can answer all of your questions.