Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions about Banksia Park Puppies

Banksia Park Puppy Cocker

Why don’t you sell direct to the public?

We put all of our effort into breeding the best possible puppies, ensuring they all have daily love and attention, and the mums have care taken of them at the critical stages. We also play with, pat, feed, groom and generally take care of all our mums and dads who don’t currently have puppies. This takes alot of time.

When someone is considering having a puppy join their family, this is a big decision. The puppy will be in their lives for many years, and will become part of their family. This family will need help to ensure the puppy they pick is of the right nature to suit their lifestyle, and will perfectly suit them for their entire lifetime – whether this be a family in the suburbs, or a couple in an apartment.

We want you as customers to have the best possible service in picking the right puppy for your individual circumstances, and we also don’t want our puppies to miss out on any love or care from us. To ensure this happens, we sell through Pines Puppies in Doncaster (East Melbourne), who only sell Banksia Park Puppies. Pines Puppies have over 20 years of experience in joining families with their perfect dog. We are extremely proud to be partners with this business, they have the highest possible customer service.

If you contact us to sell you a puppy directly, please understand that for the sake of our dogs and puppies, and in your best interests, we will direct you to Pines Puppies.

Banksia Park Puppies nursery

Can you tour all of our property?

YES – You have the option of visiting us at Banksia Park Puppies and tour where the dogs grow up, live, and the mums give birth. Sometimes our tours last upwards of 2 hours so that our customers can see all of our 200 acre property. You can meet the mum and dad to see that they are healthy, happy, and running in big yards as you can see in the photos section of our site. We provide a high standard of care and living conditions, and this can be seen from our glowing testimonials.

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Are we part of the industry bodies?

YES – You have the peace of mind that we are part of the industry bodies: the AADPBPIAA, and Pets Australia. These bodies govern the industry and continually strive to increase standards and ensure the welfare of dogs and puppies.

Cavador Banksia Park Puppies

Will you get continuity of care from us?

YES – You have after sales support, a free health check at our approved Veterinary Clinic, and a clinic where the partners have vaccinated and done the health checks on your puppy, and probably its parents too! Boronia Veterinary Clinic has been visiting our kennels for 30 years and attend weekly to perform health checks on our dogs, puppies, and complete all vaccinations. This clinic has over 45 years experience in looking after pets, with 17 caring vets and 23 dedicated nurses.

We use one  clinic so that if you have any questions about your puppy, this Veterinary Clinic will know the history of your puppy and its parents. This helps us to understand the genetics of your puppy, and adds to why our puppies are happy and healthy, and are of such great temperament.