Banksia Park Puppies Cavadors

About Cavadors


King Charles Cavalier Spaniel cross Labrador
  • Shedding – Medium
  • Exercise required – Medium – High
  • Ideal for – Active families, big backyards



This is a very rare, naturally bred designer dog. Our cavadors are from a natural mating, not artificial insemination. Our cavadors really are just a miniature size labrador with big, beautiful eyes and longer, floppy ears. Cavadors are also calmer and quieter than a pure labrador. Perfect for the family that loves the lab but doesn’t have enough space or time to exercise every day. The cavador is an active dog that loves (and needs) regular exercise, but not at the same level as a labrador. Diet and portion control is very important for the cavador as it can inherit the labradors appetite, and quickly become overweight. The cavador coat usually is more like the labradors than the cavaliers.

The cavadors come in three main colours; solid jet black, chocolate or gold. Cavadors are a larger dogs, growing to approximately 50cm in height and 20-25kg in weight when fully grown.