About Mini-Groodles


Golden Retriever cross Miniature Poodle
  • Shedding – Low
  • Exercise required – High
  • Ideal for – Active families, Families with yards



The mini groodle is a very intelligent and grand dog with a gentle and affectionate nature. Mini groodle puppies are active and need regular exercise, and respond extremely well to obedience training. Mini groodles are an excellent, well behaved family dog, providing they get the correct training. Mini groodles have a very low, to non shedding, allergy friendly coat that requires occasional clipping and grooming. The mini groodle is ideally suited to people that want and expect a lot from their dog, being an incredibly intelligent and responsive dog . Mini groodles are great with kids of all ages and love a walk and a swim. Mini groodle puppies can become ‘big headed’ and will dominate if not handled correctly (click here for training). The ‘mini’ part of the name comes from the size poodle used as the sire, but is a little misleading.

A mini groodle can grow as large as 22kg and 45-50cm, depending on parentage; some groodles will grow to only 15-20kg and around 45cm. Banksia Park Breeds first generation puppies from our golden retriever mums, and second generation puppies from our mini and standard groodle mums. All with a mini poodle sire. Colours commonly seen are, white, gold, red, black and occasionally chocolate. 

The owners of our retail partner, Pines Pets, have a standard first generation groodle, Daisy, and a miniature first generation, Elise.