Banksia Park Puppies Pugaliers

About Pugaliers


Pug Cross King Charles Cavalier
  • Shedding – Medium
  • Exercise required – Medium
  • Ideal for – All owners



Banksia Park generally breeds second generation (3/4 pug) puppies.  Pugalier puppies are bred to retain as much of the pug character and appearance as possible whilst reducing the health issues associated with the pure pug. They must be kept on a strict diet as pugaliers are prone to eating more than is good for them.

Pugaliers really do have bucket loads of character; they don’t need to be walked too often and are more than happy hanging out inside with you. Our pugalier puppies are usually seen in black, fawn and tan, with their short fur requiring little maintenance. Their naturally affectionate nature is sure to win you over and we are sure your pugalier puppy will feel like a member of the family in no time. Pugaliers are fairly small, being only 10-12kg and around 30cm in height when fully grown.