About Puggles


Pug cross Beagle
  • Shedding – Heavy
  • Exercise required – Medium but puggles have lots of energy!
  • Ideal for – All owners, but unless you like vacuuming are not so good for inside the home



Banksia Park breeds first, and occasionally second generation puggles. Puggles have plenty of energy to play and always have a very gentle and loving nature. They are surprisingly intelligent and easy to train, but will become a handful without the correct training (click here for training) and are happy with a smallish backyard. Puggle puppies have easy to maintain short coats, and come in fawn, tan and black. Puggles grow to around 12-15kg and 40cm when fully grown.

Our puggle puppies have been giving happiness to families all over Australia, from Sydney to Perth for many years. They are friendly, intelligent and easy to train, making them a superb family dog suitable for children of all ages. Puggles are prone to over eating so a strict diet is essential.