Adopting a Banksia Park Retired Dog

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Banksia Park Puppies Re-homing

At Banksia Park Puppies we have alot of questions from the public on how one of our retired dogs can join their family. We know that sometimes people want an older dog and one which has grown out of the ‘puppy’ stage.

We currently have an excellent re-homing program where we use re-homing organisations to help us match the right owners for our dogs. Some people would prefer to have a dog join their family directly from us at Banksia Park Puppies, to help us and you through this process, we have a form for you to fill out on our blog. It helps us look at your home and life circumstances, and match the right dog to you and your lifestyle.

We also have a page showing some of our retired dogs for you to have a look through.

Thank you for your interest in our retired mums and dads!