Choosing Ethically

Before Buying Your Puppy

Before buying your puppy there are many questions you need to ask. Some of these you need to ask yourself, as a new owner or family of owners, and others are questions for the place where you will purchase your puppy. The questions are important to not only ensure that you choose a puppy that will be right for you and your family for it’s entire life, but also to only support shelters, and registered ethical breeders. 

Which Breed?

Choosing a puppy is an extremely important choice. It will be a decision that will affect your family for possibly the next 10-15 years. To ensure you choose the right one, make sure you think about all of the below.

Where From?

After you have made some decisions as to what breed and characteristics you would like, you will start to think about where to get your dog. Where you buy your puppy or dog from shows that you support the business, and the way in which they care for their dogs, so find the new member of your family from a reputable breeder or rescue shelter.

What is your lifestyle like?

You need to be prepared and think about if you have the time, energy and resources available to look after a dog or puppy. You also need to think in advance about the type of characteristics in the dog that you want. What sort of backyard and lifestyle do you have? Do you want an active, outside dog to take on runs, or do you want a calm inside dog? What will your puppy or dog be doing while you are at work or school?

Additional costs for your puppy

After you have thought about the type of dog you would like to join your family, remember to consider all the aspects of caring for it, such as bedding, toys and veterinary needs and how you intend to fulfil these.

Ask questions – can you see mum?

Regardless of if you purchase a puppy from us through our retail partner Pines Puppies, or through a shelter or another breeder, think about the questions you want them to answer for you, and ensure that you are satisfied with their response. Our recommendation is to NEVER buy from somebody who will not answer any of your questions, or who will not let you see the puppy nursery or property where the puppies have been bred. Don’t be fooled by websites who only show huge expanses. Make sure they show you the real conditions mum and dad live in. On our photos section we show you every area our dogs and puppies live in, and additionally offer tours for customers. Make sure wherever you get your puppy or dog from, that you can visit the property, and that you see the real yards or areas where mum and dad live.

At Banksia Park we suggest that you firstly check the your local shelters for the breed of puppy or dog that you have chosen. If all avenues of rescue dogs are exhausted, we would like to assure you that we are a reputable dog breeder, legally registered, and regularly inspected by the local shire.

To further ensure the puppy you choose will fit your family and lifestyle, discuss your needs in detail with our retail partner Pines Puppies. They are experienced in helping new owners pick the perfect puppy for their family.

Ensure you choose ethically, and support the welfare of dogs