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Banksia Park Puppies Media Appearances

At Banksia Park Puppies we are not afraid of appearing in the media or in any public domain. We are open and honest, transparent, and ethical. We allow tours of property to any customer who wishes to come, and we are happy to allow the media to visit and take photos and videos. Here are some media appearances where we speak up in regards to the issue of animal welfare.

Media Contact: Kirstin Hams 0448 804 644

Radio Appearances

774 Melbourne – Jon Faine

3AW Melbourne – Neil Mitchell

Newspaper/TV appearances

The Gippsland Times

The Wellington Shire Council will support our call for a review of the dog breeding legislation.

“Council will write to local state Members of Parliament and state parliament’s economy and infrastructure committee, supporting a review of legislation to ensure the best outcome for animal welfare without penalising professional breeding businesses.”

Daily Mail Australia

Victoria’s proposal is not taking into account the care the dogs are given, only a number which has no correlation to animal welfare.

“Labor is proposing that all dog breeders have a maximum of 10 female dogs. This is regardless of the care they are given, the experience of the breeders, or the number of staff a breeder has,’ their website reads.”

The ABC Australia Wide (TV) & Online Articles

We are open and transparent and encourage visits to our property. There is no basis to say that this proposal will be better for animal welfare.

“There is no animal welfare evidence that supports the fact that 10 [breeding dogs] is a suitable number or that better animal welfare outcomes will be the result of smaller places.”

The Gippsland Times

We want a review of the proposed legislation by the Labor Government as although it is well meaning, will have unintended consequences that could actually be worse for animal welfare in the long run. There is also no basis scientific or animal welfare wise for the 10 dog limit.

“BANKSIA Park Puppies is calling for an Upper House Committee Review into the state government’s proposal to impose a limit of 10 breeding dogs per property.”

The Australian

Victoria bid to end ‘puppy farms’ a recipe for cruelty: breeders

“New laws to combat “puppy farms” instead will drive dog breeding underground, make ­enforcement harder and increase the prevalence of cruel practices, breeders and pet shop operators have warned.” 

The ABC News & Radio

The rate increase for Wellington Shire is a great move to better animal welfare.

“I have to say that we completely agree with the position of the council on this and support any moves that will result in stricter enforcement and monitoring of breeding facilities,” 

The Gippsland Times, 2015

The proposed puppy breeding laws will be detrimental to animal welfare in Victoria, along with the loss of 15-20 staff that we currently employ in the local area:

“A STATE government proposal to introduce stringent controls over the sale of puppies will cost local jobs and won’t rectify the issue of rogue puppy farms, according to animal welfare groups and ethical dog breeders.”

The Age, 2015

The proposed puppy breeding laws will be detrimental to animal welfare in Victoria, along with the loss of 15-20 staff that we currently employ in the local area:

“Melburnians will struggle to buy a purebred puppy or kitten when the Victorian government’s little-known plan to ban their sale in pet shops takes effect,  the dog breeding industry says.”


Older media appearances

Insight SBS, 2012

We are open, honest and ethical, and are speaking to why our breeding does not contribute to euthanasia in pounds and shelters.

See Matt’s appearances at 41:20 and around 45:30

The 7:30 Report (ABC) 2010

There are ethical breeders, and not all breeders should be put in the same category:

“[We want to] put our side of the story out there and let people know that dog breeding can be done on a large scale and can be done properly with animal welfare well in check.”

The Age 2010

Regarding the lies and slander about Banksia Park Puppies:

“Mr Hams said Ms Tranter had been unfairly targeting his family’s business in the past because it was one of the biggest dog breeders in the state.”