Media Statement 7 Nov 2015


7 November 2014

Banksia Park Puppies response to proposed labor laws

The Australian Labor Party has proposed laws which will limit the number of breeding females in domestic dog breeding facilities to 10. Banksia Park firmly disagrees with this proposal which we believe will be extremely detrimental for animal welfare in the long term.

Banksia Park Puppies has been ethically breeding dogs for over 50 years and three generations and have the experience and subject expertise to understand the repercussions of introducing this legislation.
Limiting the number of breeding females in professional dog breeding facilities will dramatically inflate the price of purchasing a puppy, leading to a black market of puppies.
This price inflation and an inevitable ‘black market’ will result in dogs not being de-sexed, which could further lead to an abundance of unwanted (and unlawful) dogs overpopulating animal shelters.

For these reasons (which have been expanded in detail below) we urge the Labor Party to reconsider. As ethical leaders in the industry, we always welcome the opportunity to work with industry stakeholders to to rid Victoria of unethical practice toward dogs in breeding facilities; while ensuring there remains a sustainable future for man’s best friend in our homes.

Euthanasia in shelters

This new law would restrict the ability of Victorians to own a dog; but will not change the amount of dogs who are euthanised. The RSPCA euthanises dogs primarily due to either ‘severe behavioural issues including aggression’ or ‘medical reasons’, with only 4.2% euthanised for ‘other reasons’. Restricting the breeding females of professional, educated, and experienced breeders will not stop or reduce this issue as these breeders breed their dogs for temperament.

Price inflation and a puppy ‘black market’

Banksia Park Puppies breeds dogs for families, and specifically puppies who fit into family life straight away. We are breeding for the market of customers who are allergy conscious, temperament conscious, and for families who require low shedding dogs.
Given that over 75% of dog owners now allow their dogs into the home, the want for low shedding, allergy friendly dogs is rising. This market of customers will not change if Labor changes the laws to restrict the amount of breeding dogs to 10 females. The average Victorian family will simply find themselves on a waiting list of five years, or forced to pay $5,000-$10,000 for these dogs which will become a rarity and thus increase in price. This will occur because there is a market of people who want a particular breed of dog to fit their lifestyle, and there will no longer be a professional market supplying this demand.

These proposed laws to restrict the number of breeding mums will dramatically increase the price of puppies. It will encourage inexperienced home breeding, as well as backyard and black market breeding sending the dog breeding market underground, making it harder to police.

Bypassing policy and increasing dogs in shelters

Due to the inflation of prices of puppies, it is extremely likely that home and backyard“breeders” will not undertake the costly process of desexing their dogs. This goes against the policies of the RSPCA, the Australian Veterinarian Association and PIAA which all support the desexing of companion animals.

78% of dogs in Australia are currently desexed, and in the past five years, the number and proportion of animals euthanised by the RSPCA have both dramatically decreased due to the policy on desexing companion animals.
This proposed law by Labor directly opposes this policy, and will encourage homes to have dogs which are not desexed, leading to an increase in the number of unwanted puppies and therefore the number of dogs in shelters.

About Banksia Park Puppies

Our property has always been a legally registered breeding business, regularly inspected by the shire to ensure we are meeting the code of conduct and the needs of our dogs and puppies. Banksia Park Puppies is firmly committed to ensuring a high level of animal welfare and has a functional re-homing program which ensures we are not a contributor to euthanasia in shelters.

Banksia Park Puppies has a world class facility, where our dogs and puppies are socialised, have environmental enrichment programs, and are of fantastic temperament. Our puppies are born into purpose built facilities with heaters and heated floors. Our mums and dads live in yards comparable to the average suburban backyard, and in some cases much bigger.

We hope to continue supplying Australian families with socialised puppies of fantastic health and temperament.


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