Media Statement 28 August 2015


28 August 2015

Banksia Park Puppies applaud NSW Inquiry for considering demand in quest for animal welfare

Banksia Park Puppies is in complete support of the NSW Inquiry into Companion Animal Breeding Practices in NSW’s finding that limiting the number of breeding animals (as proposed in Victoria) is not recommended.

The NSW Inquiry Report found that “The Committee received no strong evidence that the scale of breeding operations correlated with the welfare of the breeding animals.” In addition to this, “It was also not possible to determine why an arbitrary number of animals, such as ten, was considered the appropriate maximum number of breeding animals allowed”*.

Banksia Park Puppies Owner, Matt Hams says that this Inquiry truly focused on improving animal welfare standards, and considered all sides of this important issue.

“Banksia Park Puppies applauds the NSW Inquiry for considering the demand for healthy, even tempered family dogs which has been ignored in the recent Victorian proposals by the Labor Government.

“We have been increasingly worried about the potential of Victoria’s proposed laws to move the industry underground where it is unable to be policed.

“It is encouraging to see the Inquiry consider that limiting the number of breeding females in professional dog breeding facilities has the potential to lead to underground breeding, and that there are real alternatives to this option.”

Matt Hams was also pleased to see that the Inquiry delved further into the issue through looking at the types of dogs ending up in rescue shelters.

“It was great to see that the Inquiry found what have always known – that our dogs are not the types of dogs ending up in shelters. Our dogs are bred for temperament and our customers often wait months for one of our puppies as they have researched the particular breed to fit perfectly into their life.

“We hope that the Victorian Government will look at the findings of this report, and consider the potential devastating impact of their proposed changes to Victorian law.




*Joint Select Committee on Companion Animal Breeding Practices in New South Wales REPORT 1/56 – AUGUST 2015


About Banksia Park Puppies

Our property has always been a legally registered breeding business, regularly inspected by the shire to ensure we are meeting the code of conduct and the needs of our dogs and puppies. Banksia Park Puppies is firmly committed to ensuring a high level of animal welfare and has a functional re-homing program which ensures we are not a contributor to euthanasia in shelters.

Banksia Park Puppies has a world class facility, where our dogs and puppies are socialised, have environmental enrichment programs, and are of fantastic temperament. Our puppies are born into purpose built facilities with heaters and heated floors. Our mums and dads live in yards comparable to the average suburban backyard, and in some cases much bigger.

We hope to continue supplying Australian families with socialised puppies of fantastic health and temperament.



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