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Banksia Park’s aim is to breed the healthiest, most vibrant puppies possible, with a placid temperament, lovely nature and the instinctive ability to become loyal and faithful companions. These puppies will grow to become the perfect addition for families, especially those with children.  

We at Banksia Park keep our pups and dogs in fantastic purpose-built facilities. The pups are born into specific nurseries; our nurseries include heated floors to keep the puppies warm during the cool weather. These nurseries provide the ability to give special care to the pups and their mothers at these crucial stages, and are then moved to larger enclosures as they grow older. We are very proud of our establishment, and have freely allowed the media and others to tour the property, to confirm our high standards and facilities at Banksia Park. 

We comply with (and go beyond) all aspects of the code of conduct, and are full approved members of the Pet Industry Association Australia (PIAA), Pets Australia, and the Australian Association of Pet Dog Breeding (AAPDB).  

We are extremely proud to sell all of our puppies to a sole supplier, Pines Pets in Melbourne. We put all of our effort into breeding the best possible puppies, and therefore use Pines Pets as our retail partner. This ensures that all of our customers have the highest possible customer service, as well as pups of the best temperament and nature. Pines Pets have proven experience in helping you to pick the right puppy for your lifestyle and personal circumstance. Pines Pets has been selling ethically bred puppies to families all over Australia for over 20 years, and we are proud to be partners with this fantastic business. 



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