Photo Galleries

  • We have galleries here on our webpage (below). They show our live in yards for our dogs, our nurseries for new mums and puppies, and our parkland. These photos show you every aspect of Banksia Park, and if you come down for a tour, you will see our property as it appears in these galleries. It is important to us for our customers to feel comfortable with Banksia Park, for that reason we also have a blog with frequently updated photos (see point below), and hold tours for potential customers.
  • To see our constantly updated photo galleries of us playing with the puppies and other photos of mums and dads and general property photos, have a look at our blog. This has two photo galleries, one dedicated to constantly updated photos of Banksia Park, and the other holds photos from our customers with their Banksia Park Puppies.


To ensure that our customers are completely comfortable with Banksia Park, we also hold tours for customers. This can be arranged through Pines Puppies in Melbourne, who supply only Banksia Park Puppies (why we don’t sell direct to the public).

Birthing Nursery

This is the nursery where new pups are born, and special care is taken of the mums during whelping. The mums and their newborn pups stay here for two weeks so that the family is close together and the managers at Banksia Park can keep a close eye on them. This is important to ensure that the mums are lactating correctly, and all of the pups are getting enough milk and are growing and gaining weight.

Why Cardboard boxes?

Cardboard boxes are important for the nursery as it allows the mum to make a nest and stop the puppies from crawling away. It also helps keep them warm and snug while they are adjusting to their new life outside of mum. Best of all the boxes are disposable, so fresh bedding can be regularly given the family, and they are always clean, dry and warm.

Can the mums go outside?

The mums have access to outside areas 24/7 as well as close contact to their new pups the entire time they are in the birthing nursery.

The Nursery

When the pups are two weeks old, the family is moved to the shed for the young pups. This shed has heated floors (through circulated recycled water underneath the shed) which helps these pups as they are still unable to regulate their body temperatures properly. Our floors are also marine sealed which are cleaned and disinfected everyday to ensure that the pups are always in the best of health and clean and happy.

Early Enrichment Program

The pups here have access to a variety of surfaces and textures to start to become accustomed to different things in the world. This includes fresh hay everyday for their bedding, different toys and types of plastic bottles and rattles to learn cause and effect.

When do the mums go outside and to exercise?

The mums here have access to outside exercise time here which is away from their puppies. This occurs twice a day for at least two hours each exercise session. This allows the mums to exercise, play with the other mums, go to the toilet, and have some food away from their puppies. The mums love their exercise and the pups get used to some time away from mum while she is happy playing. 

The Live-in Yards

These photos show where the dogs at Banksia Park live, and where the mums live for the majority of the year (when they dont have pups). The yards are large and green with trees, grass, and sand for them to play, scratch, roll, dig and tumble in. As can be seen in the photos, there are new kennels in each pen for the dogs. These have hay for the dogs to sleep on to keep them dry and warm.

Our young pups live where there are lots of people and traffic so that they have constant attention. As they grow older they are moved to yards with playgrounds where different toys are provided for them to provide stimulation for their growing minds. As they get older and their needs change they are moved around so that their needs are met at every stage of their life.

The Puppy Playgrounds

The younger female or male dogs (older than 8 weeks but younger than 16 months), have puppy playgrounds , to ensure that they get priority access to kids and adults to play with them. They also get a constant stock of toys to chew on and play with, and other important socialisation and learning equipment such as concrete tunnels for the pups to chase each other through. These pups are within their critical socialisation period, and extreme care is taken at Banksia Park to ensure that they are played with, handled and patted to ensure that they are comfortable with people as much as they are with each other.

Banksia Park

These photos show the grounds areas of the park. The park is always kept at a well maintained, high standard. Visitors who attend on tours from our retail partner are greeted with these views on their arrival. We have fantastic grounds where the workers and visitors alike feel welcome and relaxed. Our public open day on this property was a huge success, raising money for the local CFA and CWA, as well as showing our grounds and facilities to the 700 public who attended. We are proud of our property and facilities, and are sure that you will be too.

Banksia Park Puppies has two other galleries on our blog.

Constantly updated photos

At Banksia Park Puppies we take lots of photos of the property, our pups, our mums and dads, and some of the wildlife in our park. These are all up on the gallery over at our blog. Our blog has regularly updated photos and articles to keep you up to date with what’s happening at Banksia Park.

Customer Photos

The second gallery on our blog has a gallery dedicated to photos from our customers with their Banksia Park Puppies. Have a look at them to see other owners of Banksia Park Puppies. It also has details on how to feature your dog on our gallery!